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Whether it is a garden, patio, doorway, deck, or more, home-secure snake -shield snake repellent spray makes them stay away! Real life professional Home-Secure has created this amazing formula based on their experience and knowledge so you can be sure of the results! No Messy traps or poisons to use, simply a safe, all natural way to make the most snakes go away! Snake Shield is absolutely safe for you, and the environment!

We have two handy packing size of snake shield natural snake repellent spray :

Temporarily Shuts Snake's Sensors

Snakes can taste the air around them. The unique blend of natural extracts in this snake repellent spray gives a powerful scent and bitter taste to snake, which snakes finds unpleasant and force them to leave the site. Snake Shield Snake Repellent Spray creates a powerful taste & scent that snakes find unpleasant and triggers an avoidance behavior. When snakes come in contact with the product they are deterred because it interferes with their sensory reception system. The snake flicks its tongue and places the forks of his tongue into the roof of his mouth where the Jacobson's organ is located. Scents and vapor molecules are picked up by the snake giving it very specific details of what is around it.

Snake-Shield natural snake repellent spray temporarily shuts this sensory reception down, leaving the snake disoriented, causing the snake to leave the area to seek fresh air. The efficacy of this product makes it an indispensable resource in keeping your property free of snakes and safely keeping them away from your home, yard, campsite and more.


Does Home-Secure Snake-Shield snake repellent kills snakes?

Ans. Snake-Shield natural snake repellent spray is natural snake repellent spray and totally harmless to snakes and human beings. Snake-Shied snake repellent spray is non-toxic snake repellent and contains no harmful chemicals or poison. 

Can it be applied inside of home?

Ans. Snake-Shield snake repellent spray is suitable for outdoors and we recommend using snake shield snake repellent for outdoor use only i.e., in garden, lawn or outside of the premises or entry points from where snakes can enter into premises.

What is the coverage area?

Ans. 500ml of Snake-Shield natural snake repellent spray will covers 100 linear meters.

What are the main ingredients?

Ans. Plant oils i.e., lavender, cinnamon, rosemary, herbs and spices.

Does snake-shield snake repellent spray need to dilute or mix with the water for use? 

Ans. No, snake-shield snake repellent ready to use snake repellent spray, and it doesn't need to dilute with water. Simply sprinkle this snake repellent spray.

Is snake shield snake repellent spray safe for pets or for kids?

Ans. Being made from all natural and non-toxic ingredients, snake shield snake repellent spray is totally harmless to pets or for children, but we strongly recommend to not to use directly on children, pets or livestock although 100% natural, they may find it's smell unpleasant. place snake shield snake repellent spray out of reach of the children. 

What is the effective duration of snake-shield snake repellent spray?

Ans. In normal days, snake shield sake repellent spray is effective up to 4-6 months. If this occurs during the season when snakes are active, retreat with enough of the product to restore the original odor intensity. Retreatment may also be necessary after heavy rains. When odor becomes faint, simply reapply this snake repellent.

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