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Home-Secure Snake-Shield Snake Repellent Powder Non-Toxic Bio degradable

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Holi Ke Rang, Discount Ke Sang

Get rid of snakes from your yard or garden quickly and efficiently with Home-Secure Snake Shield Snake Repellent Powder. With natural ingredients, it’s non-toxic, safe for pets and kids, and won’t harm the environment. Simply sprinkle this repellent powder on the ground around your home, near foundations, windowsills, and other areas frequented by snakes – it will create a scent barrier that repels them away from the area.  The activated ingredients contained in each packet form a protective shield against lurking snakes– stopping them before they can enter your property.


    Home-Secure Snake-Shield snake repellent powder is a unique blend of natural and non-toxic ingredients that successfully repels snakes without harming your lawn, pets or family. Our snake repellent contains active ingredients that induce a natural and harmless flight response in snakes, safely keeping them away from your home, yard, campsite and more. This snake repellent is chemical-free and environmentally friendly, so it won't harm your family, pets or lawn.

    Whether it is a garden, patio, doorway, deck, or more, home-secure snake -shield snake repellent powder makes them stay away! Real life professional Home-Secure has created this amazing formula based on their experience and knowledge so you can be sure of the results! No Messy traps or poisons to use, simply a safe, all natural way to make the most snakes go away! Snake Shield is absolutely safe for you, and the environment!

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