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PestoBird Gel is an inert bird deterrent gel made from all Non-Toxic ingredients. Pestobird bird repellent gel does not harm, kill or injure birds, human being or any animal. Pestobird bird deterrent gel is suitable for preventing the colonization of most types of birds like feral pigeons, starlings, sparrows etc.


Pestobird bird repellent gel has a wide use in industries i.e chemical plants, paper, textile, food processing factories, pharmaceuticals, automobile, machinery/ancillaries, electronic industries, tyre, oil industries, hotels, airports, aircraft maintenance areas, army workshops, defense establishments, railways & metros sheds, ports workshops and yards where bird droppings can cause untold damage.

Pestobird bird gel uses three sensors of birds (sight, smell and touch) and creates an unstable surface unacceptable to birds & thus deters their presence. It repels most types of birds like feral pigeons, starlings, sparrows and prevent their colonization in Sheds, Warehouses, Storages Areas, Production Lines, Aircraft Hangers, Airports, Machinery Area, Transmission Lines, OHE, Platforms, Railway Yards Sign Boards, Monuments, Building Etc.

Does Pestobird kills birds?

Ans. The Pestobird gel is totally harmless to birds and human beings alike, as it is non-toxic and odourless. Pestobird is food grade oil-based products and contains no harmful chemicals or poison. 


Can it be applied on angled surfaces?

Ans. Easily applicable with constant mass on all kind of surfaces whether angled, flat, rough or smooth, RCC, or metal etc. its mass remains consistent and static over a temperature range of (-) 30°C to (+) 110°C.


What is the coverage area?

Ans. STANDARD APPLICATION: When applied to a sealed surface, lay to a minimum of 3 mm thickness. At 3 mm thickness, 3 KG of PestoBird gel will cover an area of approximately 1 sq. meter (say 10 sq. feet).


What are the main ingredients?

Ans. Food grade oils and other non-toxic ingredients.


Is Pestobird gel visible after application? 

Ans. Pestobird bird deterrent gel is colourless when applied and merely gives a sheen to the surface covered.

Does Pestobird bird repellent gel leave the stains?

Ans. No,  Pestobird bird repellent gel can be cleaned easily with mentholated spirit or any other cleaning available.

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