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Bird Shield Bird Repellent Gel, Pigeon Repellent, Bird Deterrent, Bird Control

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Holi Ke Rang, Discount Ke Sang

Bird Shield Gel is an inert Bird Deterrent Gel suitable for preventing the colonization of birds like feral pigeons, crow, parrots, starlings, sparrows etc. Bird Shield  bird gel is a non-toxic Bird Repellent Gel made from all non-toxic ingredients and does not harm, kill or injure birds, human being or any animal. 

  • After application, our Bird Repellent Gel creates an unstable surface unacceptable to birds & thus deters their presence. It deter most types of birds like feral pigeons, starlings, sparrows and prevent their colonization in Industrial Sheds, Warehouses, Storages Areas, Production Lines, Aircraft Hangers, Airports, Machinery Area etc.

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