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PestoBird IBS Anti Bird Spikes, Bird Repellent, Pigeon Spikes (12 inch)

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Holi Ke Rang, Discount Ke Sang

PestoBird Bird-Shield Bird Spikes are UV Stabilized Anti Bird Spikes made with high quality virgin polycorbonate material. Our Bird Repellent spikes are perfect solution against bird and piegon problems, a perfect Anti Bird Repellent solution for Bird Control which Deter pesky birds from landing or roosting on ledges, fences, and other surfaces. Bird Shield Bird Deterrent spikes are durable, flexible and made for long lasting  performance. (5 years of shelf life).


Our anti bird spikes are Eco-Freindly, Pollution Free, Chemical Free, Human Friendly, Pet Safe, Pigeon Safe and does not harm any kind of birds, human being or any animal. 

  • Our Anti-bird spikes are designed to deter birds from landing or roosting on various surfaces without causing harm to the birdsor any livestock. 

    our Bird Repellent Spikes are made from premium quality of virgin polycarbonate which made our Bird Spikes more flexible and durable than regular bird spikes. Our Anti Bird Spikes feature pointed ends that protrude upward. These spikes create an uneven and uncomfortable surface, making it challenging for birds to perch or land on the application area. Birds, being naturally cautious creatures, are deterred by the presence of these pointed spikes and instinctively seek alternative, and move to more easyily accesable locations for perching.

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