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Snake-Shield Snake Repellent Spray, Natural Non-Toxic

Snake-Shield Snake Repellent Spray, Natural Non-Toxic

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Snake Shield Snake Repellent Spray is india's one of the most trusted and popular natural snake repellent spray. Being made from all natural ingredients, It is 100% safe, non toxic, chemical free and environment-friendly. Our Snake Shield Snake Repellent spray does not harm , kill or injure snakes, pets, human being or any livestocks.


Snake-Shield Natural Snake Repellent Spray is a snake repellent spray that is applied around the perimeter of the area to be protected from snakes. This product contains natural essence, herbs, spices and essential oils as its active ingredients. Snake-Shield has greater than 91% repellency rate for rattlesnakes and garter snakes. The efficacy of this product makes it an indispensable resource in keeping your property free of snakes


When snakes come in contact with the product they are deterred because it interferes with their sensory reception system. The snake flicks its tongue and places the forks of his tongue into the roof of his mouth where the Jacobson's organ is located. Scents and vapor molecules are picked up by the snake giving it very specific details of what is around it. Snake-Shield temporarily shuts this sensory reception down, leaving the snake disoriented, causing the snake to leave the area to seek fresh air.

  • Snake-Shield snake repellent spray is india's one of the most trusted and popular non-toxic snake repellent. Being made from all natural and non-toxic ingredients, It is safe, non toxic, chemical free, effective, environment friendly and our snake repellent does not harm, kill or injured snakes, pets, human being or any livestock. Snake-Shield has greater than 91% repellency rate for snakes and reptiles. The unique blend of natural extracts in Spray gives a powerful scent and bitter taste to snake, which snakes finds unpleasant and force them to leave the site. The Snake-Shield natural snake repellent spray effectively fends off snakes from around your home or structure, repelling them naturally. It is a biodegradable formulation with a unique combination of Cinnamon Oil, Clove Oil, Other Herbs and spices, it does not contain naphthalene.


    Snakes are great to look at in a zoo or an aquarium somewhere, but nobody wants to see them in their backyard where kids play, whether they are venomous or not! Home-secure snake shield snake repellent for outdoors is the best way to make snake find another place to slither around! Whether it is a garden, patio, doorway, deck, or more Snake Shield makes them stay away! Real life professional have created this amazing formula based on their experience and knowledge so you can be sure of the results! No Messy traps or poisons to use, simply a safe, all-natural way to make the most snakes go away! Snake Shield is absolutely safe for you, and the environment!

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