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Neem Veda Organic Cold Pressed Water-Soluble Neem Oil for Plants Insects 230ML

Neem Veda Organic Cold Pressed Water-Soluble Neem Oil for Plants Insects 230ML

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Neem-veda water soluble neem oil is a concentrated form of cold pressed neem oil and it easily highly soluble in water. Neem veda neem oil needs to be dilute in water to make plant protection spray. Neem veda water soluble neem oil is extracted from seeds of neem (azardirachta indica) and highly suitable neem oil for plant, neem oil for gardening. It is best known as an organic method of controlling insect pests. Our neem-veda neem oil is an effective pesticide to get rid of over 200 species of insects. While traditional chemical pesticides are hazardous to environment, pets, live stocks and human being, our neem-veda neem oil is organic, natural, safe and secure. Unlike chemical pesticides, our neem-veda saves environment without pollution. Neem-veda water soluble organic neem oil acts as an insecticide/fungicide/ miticide and widely used in garden area and agriculture. The spray of our neem-veda prevents fungus and other leaf diseases in plants.

  • Step1 : Add. 5 ml of Neem-Veda Cold Pressed Water Soluble Neem Oil  into 1 Litre of Normal Temperature / Luke Warm water and stir well till you get milky white liquid mixture

    Step 2 : Fil the water sprayer with the ready mixture and shake well the sprayer.

    Step 3 : Spray the ready mixture gently on plants leaves from the bottom as well as upper surface till all leaves to be wet properly.

    Step 4 : Let the spray work  and don't wash leaves till 1-2 hours. Wash the leaves gently with fresh water spray, once the given time period is passed.

    Step 5 : Repeat the process in the interval of 10-15 days. Usage of interval can be adjusted by observing the effect on plants.


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